Voice-Over Bootcamp

New Sessions In January

What You Get

Working With Maggi>

What You

All of this for $350!

Workshop Outline


Acting basics and how to approach a script. This session covers different types of commercials and how to spot the difference.


Explore the world of TV/Radio Promos. Plus How to take care of your voice. It's your $$$ maker!

Day 3

How to spot commercials that are meant to be funny! There may be some time to develop characters. Plus, we'll cover audition tips!


Where to find work, marketing yourself, tips of a great demo and how to charge a client. There will be various types of narration/copy to continue practicing.

Day 5

Basic editing tips, any last burning questions, plus one more round of surprise copy to practice!

Voice Over Demo Samples

From past VO Bootcamp Sessions

Kallie C.
Rick D.
Amber R.
Hannah R.
Keith G.
Megan M.
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