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Snap Chat: Creating Urgency and Communicating in Real Time with Radio Listeners

Radio sounds like such an old medium in today’s technologically advanced world. Seriously, when you Google “radio” the images that come up are antique pieces of equipment or drawings of them. I think that despite all of the new ways to consume music and pop culture, radio seems to be keeping up, or is it. There are so many arguments about the way people consume music and pop culture, news and information that may leave us radio folk in the dust. There are also counter arguments about how radio is the fastest medium to deliver all of this information. While both need to be considered in order for this industry to stay afloat, it is the channels and way we communicate with our listeners that may be the demise of our business from relevancy. So many contests are built around calling in, or showing up somewhere. But think about it. When was the last time you made a phone call outside of work or checking in with you mom? Right? We can even order pizza and groceries as well as schedule a majority of appointments via the web. I know, personally, I get so frustrated trying to get listeners to call in to communicate with me on my show, when really, I should be reaching out to communicate with them. Honestly, the reason that radio is still on top of other mediums like Pandora and Spotify, is because there is someone communicated real, human, things to the listener. (At least the great personalities do) But is Facebook really enough? Is Twitter really going to reach your listener? They could be! But aside from giving out your personal cell phone to text your listeners, how do you reach them now?! How do we get to them to give the sense of urgency that listening right NOW is important, rather than posting surveys and meme’s for consumption LATER? This is why radio struggles: our business is built of the necessity of consuming (listening) NOW while Pandora, pod casts, television, DVR, Twitter and Facebook all work and make millions of dollars because you can consume (absorb What about Snapchat? I’m not kidding!! You may think this is a silly app that helps single people take guilt free nude selfies, but research shows that a majority of people use it to share silly events happening all around them. I’ve tossed out my snapchat info and listeners LOVE IT! They snap me, I give them a shout out on the air, and I ALWAYS snap them back. Either a picture of me with a fun face, or of a song coming up they requested. The best part is, that it hits TWO main mediums. Photos…and the new art of communication! The recent negative press is worrisome! However, the data leak caused trouble for people who had things to hide, such as sexts and discreet chat snaps to people you don’t know. Each report of the information that was leaked did say that the number was NOT entirely leaked, rather that all but the last two digits were revealed as well as usernames. If you are sharing your username to get listeners to communicate with you in real time anyway, then your personal phone number is the only information that is in jeopardy of being leaked. However, each of these reports say that there is still a one in 100 chance that your personal cell phone could be identified. Here’s the interesting part and why you shouldn’t be so worried about SnapChat. You are already using Facebook. Make sure you double check your privacy settings because so many users and personalities have their cell phone number available in the “ABOUT” section. You are far less likely to have your cell phone number revealed via Facebook than through SnapChat. So I say, SNAP away! My listeners absolutely love it. It gives us something to talk about when we do finally meet at a Live Show and helps me to put a face to our listener. Isn’t that the most important part in the first place….speaking directly to the reason radio works in the first place? information) when you have time or when you want.!

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