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Ask A Radio Person About Their Listeners

A lot of my friends exist outside of the radio world and their questions about what it’s like on the ‘inside’ are fascinating. Most wonder what their favorite personalities are like in ‘real life’ (as if we exist in another dimension).

A favorite recent tale of describing a radio personality to a friend surrounds a morning show that is just on fire in the Los Angeles market. The Woody Show (ALT 98.7) is by far my friends’ favorite to listen to and they quote verbatim the jokes, stories and information shared by the team. “Maggi, have you ever met Woody?” I work during the afternoons so although we share the same building our schedules rarely coincide to chat. I have, however, met Woody. I was with my boss who introduced us in the hallway and this is how it went.

Me: Nice to meet you finally, Woody. All of my friends just love you and your show. High praise!

Woody: (Vending machine sandwich in hand and clearing his mouth) Well, you can tell them how unimpressive this was.

This is generally what it’s like to meet most radio people. We are hungry for attention and grateful that you pay attention. But if you catch us with a vending machine sandwich in hand, well, the smoke and mirrors of our wanna be rock star status are revealed. The point is…we eat vending machine sandwiches too. We aren’t any different than most of our listeners.

What people don’t think to ask is all about the regular callers. The people who call almost everyday to chat about…nothing it feels like sometimes. Our voices come through their speakers and we become their best friend without knowing it. These are the people that are far more fascinating!

Recently, a woman called asking for Mark, my boss. She wanted to ask him a question. Well, it’s my job to field these kind of callers so as not to disrupt the ‘process’ of our oh-so-talented host. Reluctantly, she began to ask me her question.

Listener: How many days belong to a year?

Me: Oh, well, 365.25?! Leap year…am I right?!

Listener: No, only 325. The other 40 are Lent.

Me: Crickets.

Listener: You don’t get it. See….can I talk to Mark please?

Mark picks up the phone and she repeats the riddle. I’m laughing in the background because I know he won’t get it either. She gives the punch line and he politely laughs.

Listener: See, you get it Mark. That other girl on the phone didn’t get it.

Mark: Oh, well, that’s probably because she’s Jewish.

Listener: (Laughing) Oh, well, she didn’t sound Jewish on the phone.

I’ve never been more tickled by a listener, than I was with her!

Stories like this are just one of many regarding the super radio fans. You are excited or nervous to meet us radio people…trust me, we are just as excited and nervous to meet you.

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